Waterproof cases for iPhone | Samsung Galaxy

Sharing is easy: call, messaging, photos, film and listen to music. 100% protected agenst water, dust, sand, and snow. 

We provide waterproof cases for
iPhone 4/4S/5 | Samsung Galaxy II, III | Nokia | HTC | Blackberry | iPad      FREE SHIPPING IN THE NETHERLANDS 

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Aryca Wave for iPhone 4/4S now

€ 19,95


Aryca waterproof case Wave iPhone 3, 4/4S, Samsung Young, Mini 2, Nokia Lumia 620/710, Ashia, HTC Decire, Blackberry Curve

Aryca Wave 3 for Samsung Galaxy S2 

€ 19,95

Aryca waterproofcase Wave 3 Waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S2, Ace2, iPhone5, Beam, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry

Aryca Wave i4 for iPhone 4/4S now

€ 24,95

Aryca waterproof case Wave i4. Waterproof case special for iPhone4 and iPhone 4S. Available in 5 different colors

Tide 2 for Samsung Galaxy S3

€ 24,95

Aryca WM601 Waterproof case

Aryca waterproof case Tide 2 Samsung Galaxy S3 and any phone within the maximum usable size (for large screen smart phone)